March Madness has arrived at Spaceys

All three of us are huge basketball fans, so we thought we'd share the love with a March Madness promotion. By using the promo code MARCHMADNESS you can save 25% off your total purchase. 

In case you're wondering what items you're missing out on, I thought I'd make it a little easier and compile our most recent best sellers. 

Wall Shelf & Hanger

It was a must-have on our January list, and we couldn't help put it on our list for March Madness. Why? It continues to be our top seller, and our customers continue to give it a five-star rating. It's easy to install by simply using the 3M adhesive included with the shelf, which provides you with a strong hold without needing to use a drill or make any holes. We can't also forget its functionality and how it keeps all of your keys and mail in one place. 


Silicone Temperature Resistant Kitchen Utensil Set

Have you ever accidentally burned through a spatula or scratched your frying pan with a metal spoon? With our Silicone Kitchen Utensils set, you'll never have to worry about scratching that new frying pan or melting your spatula. It comes in various colours to give your space that splash of colour it's been missing! 


Modern Storage Shelf

Now available in a set of three, our Modern Storage Shelf is a must-have item. Its sleek and clean white design makes it functional in any space. Use It in the bathroom to free up your counter space from clutter, or use it in your living room to highlight your accent pieces. We also love that you don't need to use nails and can use the included adhesive for an easy install. 



Drain Snake

This should be called "drain saver" it's literally saved my sink drain more than a handful of times over the last month and saved me from having to use CLR to clear up simple clogs. It's great at getting out those dreaded hair clumps that seem to accumulate for some reason (*wink, wink* totally not from brushing my curly hair in the shower) and also those food pieces that magically slip into the drain because you forgot you took out your drain catcher.