January - Top five items to enhance your space

At Spaceys we're always trying to find the best products to help you organize and optimize your space. If you live in a city like Toronto, it’s no secret that more people are having to opt for living in condos. We are one of those people and feel your pain. This is why we decided to create a list of the top items we have in our own homes to organize and maximize our space.

Wooden Wall Shelf & Hanger

Do you lose your keys in your home? Maybe you're tired of mail cluttering your counter. It used to be a game of where did you put the keys between Jason and I but with this simple wall hanger on our door, goodbye to wasting time trying to find our keys!

Multipurpose Kitchen Clamp

I'm one of those cooks that love having my utensils within easy reach. We used to have a container we kept on the counter but living in the condo we found it to be wasting space. Instead I have four of these clamps on the backsplash behind our stovetop. I keep my three of my most used utensils there which include my whisk, spatula and of course a sauce/cooking spoon. 

Kitchen Hook Organizer

You're probably wondering if I don't keep my utensils on the counter where do I keep them? Well, the ones that I rarely use go in a small space in our drawer while I keep other commonly used utensils like my peeler, can opener and extra cooking spoons on this hook.  

Bathroom Sink Organizer

I feel like one can never have enough counter space. This is perfect for saving space by using it to hold your toothbrushes, toothpaste and razors.  

Sink Hook Drain Rack

This is perfect for avoiding water and grime buildup on your countertop. Since it's adjustable it can fit any kitchen faucet/sink.